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Oh... by DeviousVampire
"You're back, I wouldn't recommend leaving again."

Just a quick thing I felt like doing after finding out there was gonna be a fourth one. 

...And give myself an excuse to draw Andy in the Freddy's staff uniform again XD 

Done with Prismacolor and Copic marker and gel pens

FNaF © Scott Cawthon 
Art by me~
Chibi Springtrap by DeviousVampire
Chibi Springtrap
I'm working on the others, but screw it SpringTrap is more important! >:I

I always kind of wanted them to look intentionally nasty, like just full of gross and smelling like rats, DEATH, and old soda. I mean the Phone Guy says twice that they stink and I can't buy it looking at them, they look like someone cleans them at least once a week, even the withered animatronics look kinda clean. I mean I draw 'em cute but I prefer to draw creepy/cute and look at gorey nasty. And that's Springtrap, he's gross, nasty, falling apart at the nails, and I genuinely want to hug him till his head falls off... or he strangles me. 

And I think he plays the banjo cause old school XD 

FNaF © Scott Cawthon
Art by me~
Sketchup 06-09-2015 by DeviousVampire
Sketchup 06-09-2015
Hi and thanks a ton for the birthday wishes everybody, pfft ;u; so sorry to be so late in thanking everybody!
And I'm trying to not be dead, buuuuut I honestly just feel like sleeping my life away right about now, gotta get the mojo running again! 

Anyway I've NEVER been comfortable with drawing with markers at the same time I've had these awesome as hell Prismacolors sitting in my booksehelf for 5 years. After Anime Conji I thought "to hell with it" and started drawing stuff with them, and colored pencils, and gel pens, basically anything that wasn't a tablet XD

Not bad for someone with super shaky hands like me

And on a side note... mix media paper is not alcohol marker friendly, single layers of color are [sorta] fine, but if you're going to try blending, just grab some marker paper, cardstock, or matte printer paper. 

Presentation done with powerpoint and exported with ispring
Hex [2015] by DeviousVampire
Hex [2015]
"An energetic young witch with both skill and raw talent. She can be cocky and arrogant at times, but in general she tries to generate as much good karma as she can, and leave a good impression on as many people as she can. Despite having quite a bit of talent on her side, she's a hard worker, and she believes strongly in working to get what one wants, and is prone to overexerting herself. However, she says that she'd rather burn out getting better than to give up if it gets too hard. In fact in her mind there is nothing that's too hard to do, nor is there failure. There is either success or moving forward to success."

redraw of a pretty old OC I've been wanting to draw again:, pretty much tried to keep her the same just some tweaks here and there =w=d

Character and art are mine~
Azure Kite by DeviousVampire
Azure Kite
"With the original hero of The World away Aura felt uneasy. The World needed protection, and there was only so much she could do on her own. She decided to create a hero; she created him from pieces of her own memories and with parts of the The World itself. He was capable of being everywhere in the blink of an eye, and would even be capable of player interaction. He may not be perfect, but he doesn't have to be, all he needs to be is her knight. And she would call him... Kite"

I've been wanting to do a more serious picture of Azure Kite FOREVER! I luvs this character so much he's just a little piece of cloned zombified badass, and imma stop before I start gushing XD.... Though I do wanna draw more of him >u>

.Hack// G.U. © Bandai Namco and CC Corp
Art by me~ 
For the past two days I've had this really bad fever, like I couldn't even move without feeling like I was gonna keel over or something. Turns out it wasn't just a fever, it was chicken pox. 

Fucking Really?! 

It wasn't enough to feel so sick I can't move, I gotta look like someone threw a hornet's nest at me too! >>... there was also something about stress bringing it on, but I say bullshit >> I ain't got shit to worry about, I'm as chill as they come! 

*sigh* I hate this ... Imma gonna lie down now, my arms hurt.
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Channel S.
United States
What's there to say? I'm an idiot maniac who loves to draw. I also like quiet places, anyone's artwork but my own, and scary dead things. I also have a thing for drawing small cute things.

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I know it's like really really super late but I still wanted to come by and thank you so much for watching~ It really means a lot!

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Helloo there! I'm sure you don't remember me but let me first ask, ARE YOU OKAY NAO!? D: Being sick when you're not a kid is surely awful.

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Glad to hear!

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thank you for watching me! <3 
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eyoo I met you at Sac-Anime and bought some stuff from you around closing. You were super nice and awesome!! :D can't wait to see what else you make!!
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