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Official Portrait by DeviousVampire
Official Portrait
"This room's lighting is so blue, I hope I don't look strange in it after the photos are done."


Max might not be camera shy, but he's soooo boring when it comes to taking them in a building, seriously, anything other than white background and he'll find something wrong with it. 

Also I tried to blend him in with the blue lighting and shade him to look a little more... "furry"....? So um yeah, I kind of like it ouo; 

Max and Radio City belong to me~ 
Failed Containment by DeviousVampire
Failed Containment
"So you wanted to catch me, HERE. I. AM. What're you gonna do? You gonna fire? Gonna beat me down with those flimsy sticks? Or are you gonna lemme go and forget this whooooooooooole  day? Hehehehehehe you  better pick the latter, or I can't promise you tomorrow~"


This kid is nuts! XD 

I wanted this new version of him to have his face covered the majority of the time, but the previous idea was too modern looking for the setting. However, I found this image of a 50's-60's style pilot's helmet and it all kind of fell into place. Pretty neat huh, haha~ That also includes that sort of breathing tube, but he only wears that part of it when he's in his sound lab. 
Catastrophe and Radio City are mine~ 
Sketches 08 29 2015 by DeviousVampire
Sketches 08 29 2015
Huzzah! More Radio City stuff~ 
This time around it might be a bit buggy cause unlike the others there's about 5 different "tracks" in here. I mean I checked it and it turned out all right, but you never know. Mostly I felt like playing around with different effects and stuff, and of course showing off more cast members~ 

Maybe next time I'll give doing this in flash a shot again =w=

Oh and if it's going by too fast lemme know and I can slow it down a bit 

Radio City © DeviousVampire 
All art by: DeviousVampire 
Golden Freddy by DeviousVampire
Golden Freddy
"It looks like someone stole a spare Freddy suit, an old yellow one..."


Guess this is technically Fredbear, buuuuut I drew this up before 3 came out soooo yeah XD I'll draw up an actual FredBear later though, I mean how can I not, he's got a mouth in his stomach! 
My mind wonders at the worst time, like the WORST times.

So I was in the middle of a character rigging class and just randomly thought. "Why I feel like binge playing all the Phone Guy audio clips? Why not? Huzzah I'll totally waste my time doing that when I get home ouo why not?"

Then later during break I was looking for models to maybe practice rigging with just for shits in giggles and I got railroaded by a Freddy Fazbear model (wasn't bad looking either) 

And finally I get home and am all ready to waste time on youtube or sleep and come to find out FNAF 4 is out! 

:iconmikuru-cryplz: FNAF leave me alone! What did I ever do to you?! 

...Yeah that's 'bout it! I'm gonna try to sleep now, it's like 12am =w= 
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Channel S.
United States
What's there to say? I'm an idiot maniac who loves to draw. I also like quiet places, anyone's artwork but my own, and scary dead things. I also have a thing for drawing small cute things.

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