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Hex [2015] by DeviousVampire
Hex [2015]
"An energetic young witch with both skill and raw talent. She can be cocky and arrogant at times, but in general she tries to generate as much good karma as she can, and leave a good impression on as many people as she can. Despite having quite a bit of talent on her side, she's a hard worker, and she believes strongly in working to get what one wants, and is prone to overexerting herself. However, she says that she'd rather burn out getting better than to give up if it gets too hard. In fact in her mind there is nothing that's too hard to do, nor is there failure. There is either success or moving forward to success."

redraw of a pretty old OC I've been wanting to draw again:, pretty much tried to keep her the same just some tweaks here and there =w=d

Character and art are mine~
Azure Kite by DeviousVampire
Azure Kite
"With the original hero of The World away Aura felt uneasy. The World needed protection, and there was only so much she could do on her own. She decided to create a hero; she created him from pieces of her own memories and with parts of the The World itself. He was capable of being everywhere in the blink of an eye, and would even be capable of player interaction. He may not be perfect, but he doesn't have to be, all he needs to be is her knight. And she would call him... Kite"

I've been wanting to do a more serious picture of Azure Kite FOREVER! I luvs this character so much he's just a little piece of cloned zombified badass, and imma stop before I start gushing XD.... Though I do wanna draw more of him >u>

.Hack// G.U. © Bandai Namco and CC Corp
Art by me~ 
Rated PG by DeviousVampire
Rated PG
"Thick as thieves they are... but no one's ever caught them. No, these two were done in by their own greed, but no one needs to know that, hell, no one even knows if they exist anymore."

Ain't gonna lie I never thought I'd draw the Purple Guy, like ever, and then I did... twice XD. It's not like I didn't want to [trust me I wanna draw all the animatronics and all the squishy people] it's just... all the ideas I had for what I wanted him to look like... have been done and very well on top of that! And then I found a picture of Jeremy that I never finished and was like 'hey I changed Jeremy but I still wanna use this' XD And my Phone Guy headcannon still has teeth like a beaver; don't deny it you can land a plane on those things!

I'm not on the side of  thinking they're the same person, but I think they know each other... it's probably cause they're the only two people in the games with presence... that really aren't afraid of the animatronics... really, the Phone Guy has possibly been watching them for 10 odd years and has no sh!ts to give when he's leaving the messages... which got him killed. The Purple Guy just doesn't like them; in 2 he's chasing Freddy and in 3 he's the one dismantling them, he even tries to use one as a meat shied.... which got him killed...

... Huh, apathy killed the Phone Guy and hubris killed the Purple Guy... yikes

And a lame pun killed me XD

On a side note I saw a kid cosplay as the Purple Guy, and he had a knife... that was so disturbing...

FNaF © Scott Cawthon 
Headcannon Phone Guy and Purple Guy [and the arts~] by me~
FNaF Chibis: Foxy by DeviousVampire
FNaF Chibis: Foxy
"The troublesome, sneaky, soda drunk pirate Foxy is always up to no good. When he's not out searching for treasure he's trying to recruit unsuspecting children into his crew. Unfortunately, while some of the older staff have rather entertaining memories of the mischief maker -though they admit to him being a little twitchy-, he was still decommissioned in the 70s due to parents complaining about him too 'scary'. There was also a rather frightening incident where he was supposed to jump from behind the curtain and surprise the kids instead he ran into well past his stopping point; the only thing that stopped his run was Bonnie who was a few feet away, parents -and some kids at the time- remember the hook getting so far stuck in the rabbit's head it's whole face came off [even part of the endoskeleton]. He's been decommissioned ever since.

At night Foxy is as sneaky as ever. Similar to Freddy he leaves his stage only when he 'wants' to, but unlike the others he doesn't stick around. Instead he moves quickly then resets his position if he fails to get to get where he needs to be. While this could be dismissed as a part of his twitchy malfunctioning nature, one could argue he's permanently locked in his daytime behavior -running out from his hiding spot then running right back. He appears to get more 'impatient' as the nights progress, but his behavior doesn't seem to change much.

Curiously Foxy's endoskeleton legs are exposed, at first this seems to be an accident, but it may also be meant to emulate a pirate having fake legs considering his clothing has always been a little worn down looking."

I dunno why I'm writing this silly crap in the description, it's just in good fun XD. This one is just a play on before 2 came out and fans were like "what the hell happened to Bonnie's face?" Personally I still think something happened with Foxy [not the text that's for fun XD], I mean he's been decommissioned almost as long a Spring Trap, and the only people [person] that remembers him when he functioned are two adults, what's up with that? :/

Annyway, I'm not really into theories, just making up fun stuff on the side to think about XD

And more cheebs shall be on the way next Friday~ Next shall be... a Freddy, dunno if it's gonna be Gold Freddy or Toy Freddy though~

FNaF © Scott Cawthon
Art by me~
FNaF Chibis: Chica by DeviousVampire
FNaF Chibis: Chica
"Chica the Chicken; the youngest member of the band, backup singer, and -to this day- the only female animatronic in the pizzeria. She's characterized as being soft spoken, yet sociable. She also seems to have something of a sweet tooth, as she's often drawn with sweets -or her favorite companion, a cupcake dubbed Carl. She also seems to play the role of a nagging sister, since during some of the non singing performances she agrees with Freddy and Bonnie's ideas, but seems to be quick to tell them off if something's fishy. Some parents took offense to her being used to advertise most of the food and her slightly chubby appearance -despite her also being used to promote playing outside or dancing, and not being nearly as hefty as Freddy or Bonnie- however, her design stayed because the children didn't seem to have a problem with her.

At night, Chica appears to be a little docile. Unlike Bonnie, she's not in a hurry to move, and unlike Freddy she's not very calculating. She seems to like being in the kitchen, as the guard mentions moments when she's nowhere to be seen and the camera picks up the sound of kitchen utensils being knocked around. Some of the day time kitchen staff also mention seeing pans and food scattered all over the floor in the morning, though they're quicker to blame the night staff than a wayward machine."

Y'know, of the animatronics I legit felt bad for Chica, it really feels like there's something in there trying to get out -probably cause she always kind of looks like she's screaming or something... I dunno Chica with her mouth open doesn't look as derpy as Toy Freddy. Also I know the weight thing is probably a joke, but it really is funny that people zeroed in on how much skinnier Toy Chica looks in comparison XD. Also, I really do think of Chica as like the 'little sister' character or something... mostly cause baby chicks are yellow XD

Oh yeah did I mention I'm trying a new type of chibi? >> It's like the only reason I redrew the first four XD

Annnnnnd next up [and done with the cheebs for ths week] Foxy~

FNaF © Scott Cawthon
Art by me~
For the past two days I've had this really bad fever, like I couldn't even move without feeling like I was gonna keel over or something. Turns out it wasn't just a fever, it was chicken pox. 

Fucking Really?! 

It wasn't enough to feel so sick I can't move, I gotta look like someone threw a hornet's nest at me too! >>... there was also something about stress bringing it on, but I say bullshit >> I ain't got shit to worry about, I'm as chill as they come! 

*sigh* I hate this ... Imma gonna lie down now, my arms hurt.
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Channel S.
United States
What's there to say? I'm an idiot maniac who loves to draw. I also like quiet places, anyone's artwork but my own, and scary dead things. I also have a thing for drawing small cute things.

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Helloo there! I'm sure you don't remember me but let me first ask, ARE YOU OKAY NAO!? D: Being sick when you're not a kid is surely awful.

However, I am someone who requested something from you like a long time ago. Under cuteveemon219 :D
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Thanks! ouo Sadly, I only got to you around closing, but I'm seriously in love with your art!
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